Helpful Ideas For Consideration Of Wise Plans Of Hotels

Jan 23, 2017

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Wednesday, he thought the fur he felt belonged to Moe, his dog. "I felt the fur, and I thought, 'that's not my little dog!' and I ran into the bathroom," Russell said. The fur actually belonged to a deer that had crashed through a window of his house and then bounded onto the bed where his dog usually sleeps. The panicked deer then went on a rampage trying to get out of the house, leaving smears of blood and broken windows throughout the house. His daughter Brenda Marshall and her husband live next door on Route 291, and when George Russell had recovered enough from the initial shock to call them, they came over to help him deal with thesituation. "It's crazy and I truly didn't believe him (at first)," Brenda Marshall said. "He didn't know what to do." After calling 911, state police assisted Brenda Marshall and her husband in trying to trace the path the deer had taken through the house by following the blood trail. "The blood trail shows he went right up to my father's room and he broke windows trying to get out," she said. George Russell received quite a fright and he barricaded himself in the bathroom until the deer had left the house. His small dog also was scared and crawled under the bed and wasn't found until later. "I'm so thankful that my dad didn't get hurt," Brenda Marshall said.

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