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Oct 27, 2016

Before long, these dynamic women had created a company, named after Barbaras mother, capable of marketing and manufacturing their cleverly-designed products. Since they decided to turn their idea into a business, the demand for these unique handbags and luggage items has grown, making Vera Bradley a company known around the world. Helping these women with their venture was Score , a network of volunteer business mentors that was founded in 1964. Each year, the group provides thousands of free small business mentoring sessions, workshops and educational services to women or anyone else looking to start a businesses. Having Score (mentors) means businesses dont have to go it alone, said Betsy Dougert, a spokeswoman for the organization with chapters in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties. Starting a business can be challenging and intimidating, but clients reap the benefit from Score mentors wealth of experience on small business matters, making them better able to avoid mistakes and achieve success. Score also issued a report on the increase of women entrepreneurs in America, who employ 7.9 million people and generate $1.4 trillion in annual revenues. Since 1997, the number of women-owned firms in the U.S. has increased by 67.8 percent while the number of men-owned firms increased by 34.4 percent, according to Scores report. In addition to the number of women-owned firms steadily increasing, the employment rate of these firms increased by 11 percent while revenues grew 72.3 percent between 1997 and 2014. The highest industry concentration of women-owned enterprises was found in health care and social assistance, educational and other professional services such as house cleaning, which topped the list of women-owned businesses on Thumbtack.

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Image copyright EPA Image caption Older buildings are reported to have collapsed in several villages Wednesday's earthquakes were felt across central Italy, including in the capital, Rome, where buildings shook and doors and windows rattled. The BBC's Katya Adler, in Rome, says that emergency services in the affected areas are still assessing the situation. The second earthquake was considerably stronger than the first. One witness told Italian TV he saw part of a building collapse in front of him. One person was injured in the Visso area, Italy's civil protection chief Fabrizio Curcio said, revising an earlier toll of two, but otherwise there were no other immediate reports of casualties. There กระเป๋า charles & keith 2016 are also reports of downed power lines, damage to historic buildings and a landslide on a main road north of Rome. "It was a very strong earthquake, apocalyptic," Marco Rinaldi, mayor of Ussita to the east of Visso, told Italy's Ansa news agency, referring to the second earthquake. "People are screaming on the street and now we are without lights." Image copyright AP Image caption Two months ago Amatrice was devastated by an earthquake Schools in the region will remain closed on Thursday, our correspondent reports. Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is on his way to Rome , local media (in Italian) say. The first earthquake, 7km south-southwest of Visso, was relatively shallow, at a depth of 9km (nearly six miles). The second, at 2118 local time, was 2km north-northwest of Visso, at a depth of 10km.

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