The Growing Challenges In Easy Stores Online Products

Sep 20, 2016

"The same group of [retailers] that were fighting over people last year

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will be fighting over people this year. And there's a few less people to fight over and a few more positions to fill," said Steve Osburn, a director at the Kurt Salmon consulting firm who specializes in the supply chain. Along with a series of minimum wage hikes at the company and state level, that dynamic has raised the price of hiring help. The average hourly pay for employees working in the retail trade ticked 2 percent higher in August, to $17.92, according to preliminary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It's only going to get more expensive for retailers who want to attract the best workers, said Tyler Owen, a senior director at JDA Software who specializes in workforce management. Already, Toys R Us has said it will introduce new incentives this year, including pay increases in competitive markets, additional discounts, and after-hours parties and recognition for employees. The Federal Reserve's Beige Book recently noted modest retail sales gains in Boston, Cleveland and San Francisco, which would indicate those cities are more competitive markets, said Barry Asin, president of Staffing Industry Analysts. "The price of labor is just going to continue to skyrocket," JDA's Owen said. In response to the tighter job market, both Target and Toys R Us are stepping up their hiring efforts this season.

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We worked hard to build community support for this. Im thrilled. All of the projects include apartments that will accommodate formerly homeless people through the citys local operating subsidy program. In total, about 110 of the 529 units are part of that program. While the predevelopment money wont pay for steel or concrete, it allows the nonprofit builders to take an initial design and turn it into a buildable project with architectural drawings and engineering and real-cost estimates. It also helps the developers go after other sources of money,

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whether affordable housing tax credits or bank loans. All four projects are likely to receive additional city funding. The award gives Bridge Housing the confidence to dive into the application process, said Kevin Griffith , the builders director of development. We are going to go as fast as we can toward getting approvals, he said. This site has everything we look for.

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Career The Emergence Of The ‘Phygital' Shopping Centre

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