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Oct 13, 2018

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Latex foam gets new bounce in beds

Pouring it on Latexco NV, with world headquarters in Tielt, Belgium, has perfected the art of pouring its latex onto spacer fabrics (pictured), fibers and other foams, to create unique mattress comfort layers with no adhesive required. Toppers make up the biggest part ที่นอนหมอนยางพารา of the latex market in the United States and interest in natural latex is rising, Ducatteeuw says. This year, Latexco began pouring 2-inch, all-natural latex toppers in the United States using a continuous-production Dunlop process. One hundred percent natural is nothing new, youd say, but now, instead of slitting 6-inch cores into two or three toppers (with rough finishes), now the topper can have that nice smooth skin with a great feel, look and consistency, Ducatteeuw says. The company also is pouring topper latex directly onto polyurethane foams, FR fiber, spacer fabrics and other components, creating one-piece cushion layers that use no adhesives. In addition, it has added copper-infused and graphite-infused latex to its lineup. The latter provides an economical way to help latex beds pass FR tests, Ducatteeuw says. To most consumers, latex is an unknownthey arent getting it, he says. I completely support efforts to raise awareness (about the benefits of latex). Latex Systems sees sales upswing in China Founded in 2003, Latex Systems Co. Ltd, headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, is a manufacturer of Dunlop latex cores, toppers and pillows.

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